What to pack when going to a new place

I'll start the post with big news that I want to share with you and ask for your advice. Next week, I am goin to be for 4 days in Bologna and Florence (Italy) and I couldn't be more excited โค .If any of you live there or you have been there before, I would… Continue reading What to pack when going to a new place

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Top places to spend your time in Bucharest

When you think about traveling and seeing new places, does Bucharest pop up in your mind? Well, it should. I am sure that if you search the internet to find places to go to in Romania you will find hundreds of articles about mountains, lakes, churches or other impressive nature sceneries or buildings. Besides all… Continue reading Top places to spend your time in Bucharest

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Rome in 4 days

Ok. Sooo, I am really excited to write this post because I just got back from Rome and I still can't believe how ravishing that place can be. Seriously, it is really just aย gorgeous mixture of history and modern places. First thing you need to know is that 4 days are definetely a short period… Continue reading Rome in 4 days

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How I see Romania

I know that a lot of people don't like Romania and I am not saying that it is a perfect country.It is true that it is filled with awful and selfish people,but Romania is an amazing place for various of reasons.There is nothing that you can't find here. Being such a fan of Romania myself… Continue reading How I see Romania

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Tips before going to ski in Bansko

Bansko,Bulgaria,is definetely a place to visit if you love skiing.I've only been there once,this year actually,and it has been one of the best skiing experiences. But,because not everything is pink,there are also a few things that got on my nerves there.Here are a few things you need to know if you think about going to… Continue reading Tips before going to ski in Bansko