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Rome in 4 days

Ok. Sooo, I am really excited to write this post because I just got back from Rome and I still can’t believe how ravishing that place can be. Seriously, it is really just a gorgeous mixture of history and modern places.

First thing you need to know is that 4 days are definetely a short period of time so, because there are a lot of things to visit there, you should really have a schedule for your trip.

I had my own schedule and,even though I returned to the hotel exhausted after a long day of visiting and walking,it was all worth it.

With no more introductions, here is how I spent my 4 days in one o the most amazing cities in Europe:

Day 1:

Our flight landed at 10 a.m. and,as soon as we checked in at the hotel(which, thankully, was in the centre of the city) , we started out journey.

First thing I noticed about Rome is that there aren’t a lot of trash bins on the streets.Actually, if you find one, you should through all your trash away because you may not get that chance again soon. Some of the streets in Rome, expecially in the centre o the city, are quite dirty.

!DSC_0461.JPGI was so excited when we got to the Colosseum. You surely heard about it from a lot o people and read about it in a lot of books, but it is different when you see it in person. Two things you should know: if you are under 18,you don’t have to pay to visit the Colloseum (as long as you are with a       grown-up) and the other one is that, if you have between 18 and 25 years old, you get a discount or the ticket. All you have to do is show an ID. This is pretty much the reason why we didn’t get to see the Colloseum that day. We left out passports at the hotel.


Moving on,we walked through the city and we got to the Altare della Patria. It was really impressive and I fell in love with it, even though we only stayed there for a bit. It was actually a really impresive building and the view from the top was just ravishing.

And that’s where we stopped visiting and we just walked the streets of this amazing city.

Even though I hate walking too much at home, I just love visiting a city by foot and Rome was surely worth it. The streets and buildings are gorgeous, you have a lot of things to see there and the ice-cream and coffe are the best.




Day 2:

This is actually the day I miss the most because we got to do and see so many things. We planned to go to Vatican, so we woke up early and we took the subway.

!DSC_0721.JPGIf I though that Rome was impressive, Vatican was so much better. From the moment that we entered, I just didn’t know where to look first.The place was pretty crowded when we arrived,but we managed to survive the great heat and queue and we entered St. Peter’s Basilica. I don’t know what are your expectations from a church, but this one will sure live up to them. However, you should know that the church closes at 12:30, so you should get there waaay earlier.



After that, we walked the amazing streets of Vatican and I got so jelous of all the people living there. I mean,can you imagine waking up every morning to this:


Yeah, me neither. Glad I got to see it once, though.

DSC_0746.JPGAfter a long and amazing walk, we finally got to the castle of Sant’ Angelo. Well,this one is surely worth visiting. It is so huge and, from the top, you have an amazing view over the city. One thing you should know though is that when I am saying that that castle is huge, I mean gigantic and full of corridors and rooms and gardens. You will most probably get lost ( I know I did ) and you might not get to actually visit the whole castle without even realising ( that’s probably what happened to me ). So you should really know where you are going, because every single part of that place is beautiful and you shouldn’t miss it.


When we exited the castle, there was only one thing to check off my list. The Vatican museum. We were really lucky because we got there when the museum was almost closing its entrance, so the place wasn’t crowded at all and we didn’t have to wait at a queue.

I have to say, Sant’ Angelo was nothing compared to this museum. There were a lot of rooms and halls and expositions, so I really advice you to take a guided tour. I got lost there many times and I surely haven’t seen most of the museum. There were a lot of people there and some rooms seem really crowded.

If you are extremely excited to see the Sistine Chapel, well, you shouldn’t be. I don’t know what are your expectations, but it really wasn’t as impresive as I thought. The room was full of people and guards and there was a lot of noise.




At the end of the day, we got to the subway and we searched for a restaurant. This is when we found the most amazing restaurant. It is called Alessio and it is in the centre of the city. I just loved it from the moment I entered.

The waiters are really nice and they are always smiling, the food is amazing, the restaurant looks good and there is just this amazing atmosphere of relaxation and happiness. You should really check out this place if you ever get to see Rome.You won’t regret it.

Day 3:

We started our day visiting Piazza del Popolo. It is not that big of a deal, just a few things to see around you,but the park that is near it is just wonderful. It is the best place to spend a sunny day, riding a bike, walking or playing sports.



After spending a couple of hours there, we took the subway and went straight to Piazza di Spagna. That place is so amazing.It seriously makes you feel like you’ve entered another world. There are old buildings with one or two floors and,at the first floor, there are stores and food shops.

The famous stairs are actually beautiful, but they are really crowded. So, if you are dreaming of taking a photo of just you on the stairs, forget about it. It is not going to happen.


The next incredible thing that you should totally see is Fontana di Trevi. They say that tourists through anually around 1.1 pounds.Well, I only threw 50 cents. The fountain was really impressive and, if you ask me, the best one I’ve seen in the whole city yet.DSC_0874.JPG

Around the fountain, there are a lot of small streets which are filled with ravishing stores. There are not just clothes stores. There was this store that I actually fell in love with. They sold a lot of things and all made of wood. Clocks,toys,bookmarks etc. They all looked so pretty and I felt so bad that I didn’t have enough money with me.

Again, ice-cream is always a great idea if you are in Italy. I don’t thing I’ll ever eat an    ice-cream better than in Italy.

The las thing that we got to see that day was the Pantheon. I saw all these amazing pictures on Pinterest and Instagram with people at the Pantheon standing right under the whole in the ceiling, with the light shining on them. But, as I am a very “lucky” person, it was cloudy that day, so no artistic photos for me. Still, the place was quite beautiful and worth seeing.

Day 4:

So here it comes. The last day in Rome. I still can’t believe how 4 days vanished so fast.

But we had our plane at 6 P.M. , so we still had time to check the rest of the things that remained on our bucket list.

We got straight to the Colloseum, with our passports in the bags and excited to finally see it. First thing you’ll probably notice there is the huge queue. Well, the line moves pretty fast and you won’t have to wait more than 15 minutes. There would be a lot of guides who would tell you that it will take around 2 hours to get a ticket and that, if you pay extra, you can skip the line and get a guided tour.


In the Colloseum,there are 2 levels that you get acces to and you get to read about its history. That’s pretty much it. It doesn’t sound so interesting, but the place looks so old and fascinating, that it is worth every penny.

The last thing that we got to see was the Forum. For that place you should really get a guide.There are a bunch of ruins, but it is actually huge. There are a lot of paths that you could take and it would be a shame not to see the whole place, because it is gorgeous.



And this is how I spent 4 days in Rome. Even though 4 days hadn’t seemed like a lot, we actually got to see  most of the things that we planned to and we had time to relax and enjoy the view too.

This has been one of the best holidays I’ve ever had and you should definetely consider Rome as your holiday destination.



17 thoughts on “Rome in 4 days

  1. This post brought back so many memories from my trip to Rome in 2006. I really loved it and I agree with you that there is so much to do and see there that you can get exhausted easily. I loved walking around by foot too and love doing that anywhere to get a real feel for the place


  2. Ah Rome! That’s one of my top 5 places I want to go to. Looks like I gotta go within the next 2 years if I want to get that discount for the Coliseum 😉 I really enjoyed reading this and am totally living vicariously through you!


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