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Tips before going to ski in Bansko

Bansko,Bulgaria,is definetely a place to visit if you love skiing.I’ve only been there once,this year actually,and it has been one of the best skiing experiences.

But,because not everything is pink,there are also a few things that got on my nerves there.Here are a few things you need to know if you think about going to ski in Bansko:

1.Most streets are pretty narrow. Some remind me a little of the streets in Thassos and other places in Greece.

2.The city is just marvellous and it is worth visiting for a day or two.

3.There are a lot of tourists here,expecially if it is a holiday.

4.If you don’t like waiting in a queue for the gondola,than Bansko is really not a good choice. You are waiting for about 30 minutes to one hour or even 2,but after you get past this,the chairlifts and teleskis have small queues,some of them actually have none.

5.The slopes in Bansko are amazing and for any levels.

6.At 2400 meters there is an amazing view and you can see the city.


7.Amigo. It is an amazing pub where are actually a lot of children too.It has great live music and you should go there if you are looking for a great night spent with family or friends.

8.There are a lot of slopes and chairlifts and teleskis,so you should really ask around or look for the signs,because you could get lost pretty easyly.

9.The waiters at the restaurants near the ski slopes are really nice and the food is great.

10.There are people on the ski slopes who take pictures of you and you can pay 10 levas(5,11 euros) to get them.

11.Don’t be fooled by the weather.If there are 10 degrees in the city,than up there,at almost 2600 meters high,there are below 0 degrees.

Here it is,guys.A few things you should know about Bansko before going to ski there.Personally,I loved the time spent there and I don’t regret the decision.Bansko is surely a good idea for those who enjoy skiing.


23 thoughts on “Tips before going to ski in Bansko

  1. These are all great tips and awesome photos! I have never been skiing or snowboarding 😬😮 but I really want to give it a try someday!!!


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