What autumn actually meant to me

I guess we all have plenty of reasons to hate this season,and I remember hating it myself when I was a child.School starts,weather becomes colder,no more swimming trips,the days become shorter and the heavy rains stop you from playing outside.

      But,as I grew up,I started to see autumn for more than just the season when school starts.So I thought that my first post could be about what I experienced this autumn and what those three months actually brought to my life.


This year, I started highschool,which is so different from what I thought it would be like.
     I met a lot of new people and made a lot of new friends.I discovered that 9th grade is a lot harder than I expected.Teachers have a lot of expectations from you and you can no longer be the little and scared child who needs to be helped all the time.
3The second thing that this autumn brought to me are fluffy sweaters.I am the kind of person who usually loses everything and I always feel like I forgot something whenever I leave a place.That is why I hate cold weather,because I have to wear a lot of stuff like gloves,scarfs or hats,which I will eventually lose.But there is no doubt that one of my favourite things in this world are fluffy sweaters.I love wearing them,they just make my day better and I think that we can all agree that it is awesome to hug a person who wears a fluffy sweater.It is like hugging a cloud.
Another thing that I love about fall is the way it colors the city.I know that some people find it actually sad how leaves die and fall from the trees,filling the streets and the gardens,but I find it beautiful. All those leaves,which just grew from nothing and became the beautiful green jewel the trees pride with,now ending their journey and turning old,changing their color and,finally,leaving the tree and floating to the end.
Bucharest is a beautiful city,but I like it the most when it is covered in red,orange,brown and yellow leaves,the pavements are wet and people are hiding inside a cafe or a library,chatting,laughting or just reading books is silence.
One of the best things about autumn is rain.Most people (especially kids) hate rain because it prevents them from going outside,but I am in love with it.I love listening to the drops hitting the pavements or the sill from my window,seing the lightning and hearing the thunders.
Soft autumn rain Painting by Collection 8; Soft autumn rain Art Print for sale
I remember that,when I was a small child,I used to stare at the window for hours everytime it rained,especially at night.I still like to listen to the rain when I fall asleep and,from time to time,I watch how the drops hit the ground and how the lightning lights the sky,like a Sun of the night.I guess there is something magical about rain,if you try to see it as more than just a natural phenomenon.
      So these are pretty much the reasons why I like autumn.What do you like about autumn?
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       Thank you for reading ❤

30 thoughts on “What autumn actually meant to me

  1. Autumn is just the best for me. I’ve been in love with this season since I’m a kid and as you mentioned in your article all those leaves changing their color and leaving the trees are just magical.

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  2. Autumn is my favorite season. The changing leaves are beautiful and when they fall they leave a path that the yellow brick road would envy! The temps get cooler but pnly a smidgeon and makes for perfect long walk weather!


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